Hola! This is Ander, I am a self-taught photographer based in Brussels. From a very young age, I’ve been passionate about learning and getting the best of myself. During the last 10 years, mostly thanks to my work as an engineer, I have had the opportunity to travel and live in different countries in the world. Getting to encounter different people, cultures and languages along the way. It is within this context that photography appeared as a mean to freeze all those foreign places, faces and moments into stills.

I believe in the storytelling power of photography, which is the reason why documentary photography – National Geographic – plays a key role among my influences. As per my own interests, my pictures thrive between a mix of nature and city scenes. Furthermore, despite the strong focus on landscapes and cityscapes, people have always been the forefront of my focus. I especially admire and respect our elderly who are always keen to share their stories. That usually leads me to ask them for a picture that combines their genuine smile with the beauty of their wrinkles.

I do not consider myself a professional photographer  as I do not have an economic purpose out of it. However, I have been creating non-profit workshops and collaborating with public local tourism agencies, allowing me to share my passion for photography in the past two years.

Well, enough talking I hope you get to enjoy my Portfolio!